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if you want to cut your own enclosure, here is a SVG file.
Thanks a lot to Shiftr for the design.

Shiftr's enclosure
also see this thread for more information

Here is a package containing some DXF and SVG files
LXR Dimensions .zip

HPGL file of the PCB

Hole positions for the trigger IO backpanel

Altitude from the Forum provided some great case files for the acrylic enclosure

LXR_windows.eps: P1 size with snap in windows for the opaque cases. You can use clear or tinted plexi (I like the gray tint, dark)

LXR window P2.eps: Opaque material, cutouts for window and LEDs, NO trigger extention

LXR window P2 trigger outs.eps: Same as above with trigger outs

LXR No window P2.eps: transparent material, no windows or cutouts

LXR No window P2 trigger out.eps: Same as above with the trigger outs

All the cases are provisioned for a power switch: Cherry PRK22J5DBBNN
(mouser PN 540-PRK22J5DBBNN)