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This is a list of new features for the firmware of the LXR wished by members of the forum.

VOICE (Voice Mode)

  • Select pattern in voice mode
  • Global note setting

PERF, PATGEN (Performance Mode, Pattern Generator)

  • Solo voice in performance mode
  • New playback modes for the sequencer like forward, backward, random, ping-pong,...
  • Freely assignable functions for the four knobs below the display in performance mode
  • Add more types of rolls / fills / flams per voice (or even a function to save self made ones)
  • Transpose utility


  • Add 'copy step' function


  • Change letter input when saving -> first letters and numbers and followed by all the symbols no one uses


  • Looping samples
  • Offset or phase controls
  • pulse width parameter


  • faster/better envelopes with more control in the short range.
  • replace Decay with 'Length' property (determines total duration from initial trigger until fade out, decay (release) is sorted by subtracting Attack from Length)
  • Attack ramps all the way to the maximum volume level before the Decay (Release) portion starts.
  • Slope Type(s) 4 modes: fast attack fast decay, fast attack slow decay, slow attack fast decay, slow attack slow decay (perhaps this can be a continuous morphing parameter)


  • add Attack parameter to envelope (in milliseconds)
  • add Hold parameter to envelope (in milliseconds)
  • add a new envelope specifically for FM
  • PWM


  • Ratio or Frequency toggle, with coarse and fine control where possible.


  • Correct names for the transient parameters in "click"
  • Put user samples in here also (or instead of in OSC)
  • sometimes the Click is a bit weak (see MIX)
  • Add filters and resonance in transient generator menu


  • tilt filter
  • A 4 pole filter
  • Vowel filter


  • LFO rate -> extra divisions like 1 1/2, 3, 6 and 8


  • there is a pattern length parameter in the mixer section, it would be handy to also have a reset parameter. For instance when you have a track set to 14 steps and reset at 32 steps it plays 2x14 + 4 steps and then resets to the first step of the sequence.
  • add OSC/Click mix parameter O/C

Trigger Extension

  • More clock multipliers like 2/1 (double tempo) or even slower than the original speed like 1/2 (half tempo) and so on
  • 2 ppq clock setting

DRUM 1-3


  • independent envelope length for OSC and Noise
  • Mix between Snare and Click
  • Pseudo-Delay by adding length (time between two repeats) and feedback (factor between 0-1 being multiplied for each repeat) to the repeat function